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SIX x ATE: EAST Submissions


SIX x ATE: East will take place on Thursday, October 24th 2019, 6:00-9:00 PM (presenters arrive at 5:00) at the GYM on Butler and will feature the 2019 season of CSA PGH artists.

SIX x ATE is an ongoing dinner and lecture series aimed at strengthening our creative community in and around the greater Pittsburgh area. Each event is themed and presents 6 artists and one chef. The audience is a mixture of arts professionals and interested members of the public. Participating artists will receive a $50 stipend, and dinner/drinks during the event or you can swap your stipend for an extra ticket. Artists have the opportunity to promote their work, make real connections, and have a great time. SIX x ATE has a history of forging amazing collaborations and creating true patrons of the arts. We are thrilled to partner with the Beauty Shoppe to produce SIX x ATE: East.

For more information on past SIX x ATE events, click here.


Artists have 5 minutes to present or perform their work as it connects to this theme of the event- this time limit will be enforced during the event. Presentation content can sum up a body of work, be a performance, focus on one or two pieces, or veer far from your normal practice. Accepted artists must submit their presentations in pdf, ppt, or mov files by October 1st and must be present for a run-through of presentations or they will be removed from the event. Final presentation are due two weeks before the event on October 10th.

Application Due: September 15th
Presentations Due: September 23rd
Run-through at Small Mall (5300 Butler St) on September 24th from 6:00 - 7:00pm
Final presentations due: October 10th
SIX x ATE: EAST October 24th (Artists arrive at the GYM on Butler at 5PM)

Submissions are due EOD on September 15th, 2019.

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Information on demographics is voluntary and helps us receive grant support.
Please include up to 5 images of relevant work zipped in a folder for the image upload link at the bottom.

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Please write a brief proposal. Artists should address what you would do with your 5 minutes and how it would connect to the theme of "EAST". Please list any equipment or supplies that you would be bringing and anything that you would need SIX x ATE to provide.
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I agree to adhere to all deadlines presented and understand that if I can't I may not be able to participate in the event.
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