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Don't miss out on an amazing 2017 season including collaborations with Manchester Craftsmen's Guild, 1Hood Media, Society for Contemporary Craft, Rivers of Steel Arts, Radiant Hall, Kelly Strayhorn Theater, and more. Running March through October 2017, each event will be a completely unique experience. Get your tickets or join in as a SIX x ATE Insider for special perks.


Tickets on Sale August 10th
Quid Pro Quo
September 14th
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Tickets on Sale September 10th
Memento Vivere
October 5th
Contemporary Craft

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All 2017 logos by Christina Lee. Support for the 2017 season provided by the Opportunity Fund and YOU - our audience.

SIX x ATE: Fiat Lux
March 2017

A special event with Manchester Craftsmen's Guild

Cuisine by:

Tina Williams Brewer
Richena Brockinson
Zaila Brown
Joshua Green
Lauryn Parks
Ben Pyles
Photos by: Germaine Watkins and video by Eleven Stanley Productions

SIX x ATE: In Situ
June 2017

A special event with Radiant Hall

Cuisine by:

Drinks by:
Brooklyn Brewery

Nicole Ryan
Madelyn Roehrig
Ian Brill
Zachariah Szabo
Elizabeth Rose
Seth LeDonne
Photos by: Johanna Lasner

SIX x ATE: Vox Populi
May 2017

A special event with 1Hood Media and Rivers of Steel Arts (RoSA).

Cuisine by:
Keyla Cook

Celeste Smith  
Jacquea Mae
Idasa Tariq  
Jasiri X

Photos by Johanna Lasner and video by Eleven Stanley Productions

SIX x ATE: Ipso Facto
July 2017

Presented in partnership with the Kelly Strayhorn Theater

Cuisine by:
Erik Norlander

Ross Mantle
Nico Zevallos
Juan Fernandez
Deanna Mance
Bekezela Mguni
Etta Cetera

Photos by: Njaimeh Njie